Please see below our listed available dates to book LOVESTONED in for styling and florals.
Please note that if your weekend is not listed that your enquiring for that we are indeed FULLY BOOKED and unfortunately you will receive an email back stating this and passing you onto our recommend vendors to help create your dream day

SEP - Fully booked
OCT - 14/15/16 
NOV - 4th
DEC - 9/10/11


JAN - Fully booked 
FEB 1ST - bookings open for 2024

FEB - 3/4/5 - 17/18/19 - 24/25/26th

MAR - Fully Booked

APR -  2/3rd - 21/22/23

MAY - 12/13/14 - 19/20/21 - 26/27/28
JUN- all dates - book before 2022 ends and receive 10% off

JUL - all dates- book before 2022 ends and receive 10% off

AUG - all dates- book before 2022 ends and receive 10% off

SEP -  8/9/10  - 23/24/25th 

OCT - 6/7/8

NOV - 10/11/12 - 17/18/19 - 24/25/26

Dec - Fully booked 

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DIY HIRE - Lovestoned's minimum spend for DIY Hire is $150 + there will be a bond, handling/cleaning fee, +GST.

Your bond will be returned with the gst back. 


 Lovestoned has a minimum spend for both Florals and Styling, for florals our minimum spend is $5000 + GST.

For Styling this starts at $5500 + GST.  

We do not have packages, each clients quote/inv is custom created to suit their requests and wants.

STYLING/ FLORAL -This includes, you get designated one of our head stylists to take you through the whole process from start to finish, to visually create and style your wedding ( basically we are going to create not just a wedding but an experience for you and your guests) we start with a phone consult first, to go over all the required styling and decor elements you would like us to use and Create your vision, this helps us to then create your quote, ( We dont have packages as each clients quote will be custom created to suit you. When you receive this it is broken down into all decor and each section of the day. Then your stylist (if you choose to go ahead and book Lovestoned in) will create a detailed mood board for you (approx 6-10 pages thats both a visual and worded display of how your day will look), they will also create digital floor plans, plus will do any liaising with outside vendors sourcing stock if need be, creating timelines for our team on the day plus to pass onto you and other vendors if need be, book in a site inspections (if required - please note if our team has worked at your venue before, we don't find this to be necessary, but instead would like to catch up one on one and go over everything with you. Approx 2 months out from your big day, we will re group and check that your happy with what lovestoned will br creating on the day, we then require if we are doing your signage and station ( yes we offer all of this in house) all your seating plans and guests names and final menu for food/ drinks) so our graphic designer can start to create this up for you, get you to approve the selections offered to you and we then place this into print 2 weeks out, so its in our hands the week prior…  and then on the day of your event our assistant team of stylists along with your head stylist and our in house head florist, will be your magic angles and visually create and style your wedding. We also must make note that to create your wedding this just doesn’t happen on the day… it also involves the hours of prep in the days leading up to your event, on the day and the day after your wedding. When we style a wedding, it is a 3+ day process from start to finish.


Please note any travel over that is 1 hours will incur additional accommodation and/or travel fees - due to the extent of the styling and decor we provide and bring, and hours that go into the set up on the day, as we have to wait around for the hours between we need a place to rest and then most venues require pack up the same evening, which takes about 1.5hours - 2, so we will not allow our staff to then drive back in the early hours of the morning. 

Please also note with all bookings there will be GST added on, along with a bond (the bond you do get back in full after the wedding, of course due to no loss or damage of stock, otherwise this will be deducted from that) And possible cleaning fee.






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