Tamara & Pierre's Bali escape

So on the 2nd of May I should have been in Bali celebrating my cousins wedding to his beautiful Fiancé Tamara, but not only that styling up their wedding and doing the florals, oh and being up the front with them telling their love story and announcing them husband and wife. Well as it didn't go to plan and we were stuck here in Aus it only seemed fitting that now I have a beautiful large warehouse and an unlimited amount of decor that I could surprise them by styling up a little oasis and transport them to Bali for 3 hours of bliss, grazing, and champagne with some sweet lounge tunes and of course Bali incense to make them feel like they were really there.

Honestly after not being able to work from the 18th March to be able to style up something so intimate and special for my family after so long was such bliss, and to see their reactions when I picked them up, and Pierre was like what the heck are you doing here Rychelle, and to take them to my warehouse which they had never been was a moment and memory ill never forget.

But bring on May 2nd 2021, where we can make this all happen again.



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