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Jock and I met at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst whilst living on the same campus.  We originally met in our first year of study in 2011 but didn't notice each other too much (he was the cool paramedic student, and I was the loud Journalism student). We slowly started having the same mutual friends and after a summer break, we came back in 2012 and it was like a light came on for both of us when we finally got to know each other.  We only really gave a wave, or a smile in the corridor but after 'properly meeting' we both knew we had met the one.. the rest is history!


Our engagement story is actually really funny.. We had just got back from a month in Europe in beautiful Italy, England and Malta and all my friends expected Jock to propose over there but I knew when the day came, he would be more sentimental than that and do it at a location that meant a lot to us. Well I really didn’t expect it to happen a week after being back home after Europe.. We spent a couple of days working on his family sheep farm, it was August and cold and I was sick as a dog. I was actually in a bad mood all day.. Jock suggested in the late afternoon to go light some bonfires in a paddock.. So there we were, in the oldest flannos and ripped jeans known to man collecting sticks and logs to put on the bonfire and as I was walking around trying to find more wood, I turned around and there he was on one knee with my Granny’s old ring from the 60’s. I couldn’t believe it! We rang our close family members and decided not to tell any friends so we could enjoy the afternoon and night together without getting inundated with phone calls. The following morning, we drove back to my hometown of Cronulla, rang all our besties on the way, booked a table at a local bar and told them to meet us there! Everyone made it and it was the perfect impromptu engagement party ever! Celebrating with everyone the following day was the best and all I could of ever hoped for!


 Compromise, commitment, unconditional love, support.. but mostly having a partner in crime to have fun and laugh with!


Well I had two! My wedding dress was from Chosen by One day from Love Marie Bridal Boutique in Camden.. It was actually the only boutique I went into! I had screenshots on my phone of wedding dresses and didn’t even realize that all of them were literally from the same brand, One day bridal! Love Marie is the only boutique in Sydney that sells this brand so I went straight there and tried on 6 or 7 dresses.. Again, I didn’t mean to pick up the same brand.. But I literally only picked out One day Bridal to try on without even realising. It was stark white, very structured, off the shoulder and hugged my body with a mesh cut out on my waist. Whilst my wedding was very ‘chilled’ and ‘relaxed’, my personal style isn’t! I love strong lines in dresses and structure so I knew it was the dress for me! Matched with a feminine pearl veil from untamed petals.. It was the one! There was no way I was throwing a rager of a dance floor without changing into a ‘party number’.. I found a tiered fringed mini dress on Net-A-Porter and it was the real MVP of the day haha.


Midas Shoes, closed pointed toe with a thick heel.


Originally I didn’t want any bridesmaids as I just wanted to marry Jock without all the bells and whistles of a wedding.. but it was important to us to have my sister and best friend up there with me and his two brothers next to him. I asked my sister Monique and my bestie Liz to wear whatever they want! I didn’t want matching colours or anything.. I just said find a dress that you think you look amazingggg in! My sister picked a bright pink layered frill dress from Mossman clothing and my bestie Liz, got a fabulous Navy jumpsuit made that she drew up herself. I LOVED them in what they chose because it meant they felt like a superstar too!


They wore whatever they wanted/already had in the cupboard. Both had a strappy nude shoe.


2 x Flowers girls were in ‘Review Kids’. They were a white lacey dress with short sleeves and gold sandals from seed.. plus flower crowns made by our florist. The two page boys wore Ralph Lauren.. White chino shorts with a blue and white checkered shirt.


My engagement ring was handed down to me Jock didn’t want to break the bank on his wedding band so he just went to Myer and picked out a plain silver band.. From memory it was $30 and he loves it! I designed my wedding band at Creations Jewellers in Canberra. It is yellow gold with a half loop of diamonds.


I wore earrings from Brie Leon they were a drop pearl earring. Girls wore Fairley Jewellery Gold and Pearl Earrings.


Jock wore an MJ Bales suit.. Navy suit with a light blue shirt and no tie. Jock’s two brothers were groomsmen and they re-wore the suit they wore a few years ago when they were groomsmen for the other brother.. I can’t even remember where they were from but they were navy with a white shirt and no tie.. I even think his groomsmen wore different coloured shoes.. One of them had black shoes on and the other had brown on. There was no point buying new suits.. the ones they had were in good condition and I was only going to suggest they wear navy anyway!


A pony tail with side bangs, hair was by Grace Roby. The girls did whatever hairstyle they wanted, my sister had half up/half down with some curls and Liz had her hair pulled back in an elegant low bun.


Haylee who owns ‘Nourish me Beautiful’ is honestly the god of makeup artists.. I wanted a natural look, nothing too heavy but I also wanted a lot of coverage and she NAILED it!


My flowers were one of my favourite things of the day which is funny because I have never been too obsessed with flowers and didn’t think it would be a massive part of my day but when you get Fete De Fluer (the lovely Nicki) doing your flowers then you’re in for a treat! She is based in the shire and she did my sisters wedding a few years ago and NAILED IT plus she’s super easy to deal with and not over-priced (which florists tend to be). Nicki can pretty much do any style and get it right.. Since I wasn’t too fussed initially on flowers I gave her a small brief and told her to go for it. I told her I love COLOUR, my favourite being purple and I said the only thing I wanted is Orchards but other than that I told her to choose whatever she wanted.. I sent her a few inspo photos of what I liked and from there, I trusted her. My jaw was on the ground when she dropped over my beautiful, bright bouquets in the morning I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were! The boys wore Purple Orchards for their button holes and she made the flower crowns for the 2 flower girls. She also fully dressed my circular arch and it was amazing!


Since we chose a sentimental location (I grew up in Cronulla and around the corner from Darook Park), and because my engagement ring was originally my Granny’s from the 60’s.. it was only fitting to get ready at my Granny’s place who lives right on the beachfront at Darook Park. We went out for coffee and breakfast at HAM in Cronulla the morning of and got ready at her house which I essentially spent my whole childhood in.. it was a special moment!


My sister was pregnant so she drove us down the street and to the reception in her car haha.. and we got an uber home!


Ben Hampton. I know him through a friend! We didn’t feel comfortable having a celebrant that is a complete random and we literally didn’t know any people who were celebrants so I contacted Ben for a coffee. I had a lot of mutual friend with him and had met him once or twice prior so he was perfect! Everyone said he was one of the best celebrants they’ve heard, he was SO easy to deal with and took my direction so well when writing our speech. He is now a friend to us both 😊



We ended up choosing a sentimental one! Jock is from a sheep farm in Laggan NSW and I’m from Cronulla.. We live in the country now and both work in Canberra so choosing Cronulla was a no brainer. We chose Darook Park for the ceremony because it’s by the water, around the corner from my parents house and my Granny lives right on the beach front there which meant I could get ready at her house (plus I also received her ring from the 60’s as my engagement ring)..


The reception was Hazelhurst art gallery in Gymea. I’m SO glad we found this venue.. We really wanted a stand-up cocktail event where it felt like you were in a restaurant rather than an official wedding venue.. We were even considering hiring out a house, or a local restaurant for our reception until we came across Hazelhurst.. it was the perfect venue for fabulous food & drink and a cracker of a dance-floor which was a must on my wedding list!


My girlfriend Laura, owns ‘Sweet Little Sunday’ and she gave us beautiful timber chairs to use for the ceremony and I actually called Rychelle from Love Stoned Styling a couple of weeks out asking for a few of her items to hire… which turned into her putting together the most stunning set-up for our ceremony! Getting Rychelle was one of THE best things I did.. I thought I could do it without a stylist but I was SO wrong.. This is something I didn’t think I needed, but after using her.. I honestly think all brides need her! Since it was a hot February day in Sydney, I hired fans from her for our guests at the ceremony. She also put together the most stunning drinks table at the ceremony, as well as the signing register table with her white umbrellas for shade (but also for style). I would call the ceremony style classic and beachy.


Our wedding was the best day ever, because everything just screamed 'us'! We wanted to throw a party, not a wedding. We only cared about our nearest and dearest having the time of their lives while celebrating our love.  We wanted it to feel like you were in our backyard and wanted it to feel like all our 100 guests have known each other for years and were old friends catching up.. and it felt like that, but 100 times more! Everyone mingled with each other, danced like crazy together and laughed and cried with us all night long.

I love the heat, so a summer wedding it was! I would call the style relaxed but sophisticated. I don’t think we had any inspiration, the only filter we’d run our choices through was “Does this suit us as a couple and our personalities?”


I walked down the aisle to cover of an Elvis song, ‘The Wonder Of You – Sung by Conor O’brien’.. our celebrant played this from his speakers then the remainder of the ceremony we had a musician. She sung “Kiss me” when we walked back down the aisle.. Our first dance was to ‘Sail Away - by David Gray’.. I loved this song the most out of the day because Jock wanted to choose it himself so he spent a few days researching and said he loved this song the best for our first dance.. I loved it so much because he chose it and the lyrics are stunning!


Baker Boys Band.. They brought the vibes! They don’t really do ‘playlists’.. they just read the crowd on the night and boy did they what! Everyone is raving they brought the party.


We didn’t have a cake.. We LOVE ice-cream so we did ‘Mr Goaty Gelato’ after the ceremony instead.. It was a hot February day in Sydney so the endless supply of ice-cream for an hour was a HIT! We chose 4 flavours.


We did a cocktail wedding.. At Hazlehurst we had cheese boards to start followed by roving canapes which pretty much were going around all night, we also had them cook up a big Seafood Paella which was a hit! Drinks were also flowing 😊


We didn’t do Save the dates as I found it a waste of time/money.. since we only planned our wedding within 6 months of getting engaged, I just sent out my invitations early in the mail 😊The lovely Sarah from ‘The Sparkk’ designed my invites and printed for me .. they were gold and green and so stunning! We didn’t do any other stationery as ours was cocktail so no name places needed. We also didn’t do a welcome sign because I’ve never noticed anyone else’s at their wedding so I didn’t think it was necessary.


This is something I definitely didn’t want to do.. Personally, I’ve never understood the whole favors/bonbonniere thing so that was one of the first things we scrapped.


John Benavente was our photographer and he was so easy to deal with and made photos a calm process. He gave good direction but also snapped all the candid moments! I loved his photos from following him on Instagram.. I found them really natural, not overly edited and raw!


Bloom Films – this married couple are actual bosses! You will literally catch them taking videos while being in the middle of the dance-floor. They are there apart of your day 100% and even having fun themselves.. They made the video suited to our personalities and the style of the day. Jock was hard to convince to get a video, but I told him it would be worth it and BOY IT WAS! Jock even said wow I can’t believe I doubted a video, this is possibly the best material to come out of the day. We watched the video 10 times in a row when we got it back.. To all brides, GET A VIDEO! And Get Bloom Films!


We didn’t have a gift registry or a wishing well .. we actually didn’t mention anything about gifts on our invite. Whatever the guests turned up with was fine by us! Most gave money, but we also got some STUNNING gifts. A beautiful custom commissioned artwork.. the brief to the artist was “Mix country with the beach”.. and it is seriously amazing! We also got a beautiful Merino Wool White Rug (because Jock is from a sheep farm so we loved that), a beautiful old framed photo of Cronulla Beach from the 60’s which is the same era my ring is from.. that’s also a favorite present! We’re renovating a house at the moment, so a big beautiful timber framed mirror from my family was a winner!


Love Stoned Styling for the ceremony, Fete De Fluer for the Flowers, Baker Boys Band for Music were the favs!


Favourite moment on the day was the vows


Include your husband in it more.. I am pretty organized and would just book things or come up with ideas and tell him about it. He told me he felt a bit left out and wanted to do some planning. Get bottle of wine and a laptop and look up things together at the start of the process. spend a whole date night doing it!


Just do it!!! I planned a wedding in 6 months and trust me, it’s SO doable (if your venue is available) and so much funner! You’re still on a high from your engagement and it’s so much more thrilling to do it all within a couple of months. My tip is, don’t have an engagement party, just spend the money on the wedding! And make sure, the day reflects you guys as people and as a couple, I’m all for sentimental reasons for choosing a venue, dress, flowers etc, it makes it extra special on the day. Finally, be a guest at your wedding.. Enjoy it like all your guests are.. If that means cutting the times for photos then do it.. Having fun with everyone was my fav part! Also, the biggest question that most people have is to get a videographer or not? 100%%% YESS do it. That’s my number one advice.. We LOVED our video soo much and it seriously is an amazing way to re-live it all over again with all the emotion – Bloom Films are the best!


We decided to go on a Honeymoon 5 months after our wedding so we could recoup and save for a bit then go on a well-deserved break! We chose 2.5 weeks in Sri Lanka.. We haven’t gone yet but we’re SO excited!


PHOTOGRAPHY: John Benavente @johnbenavenete

VIDEOGRAPHER: Bloom Films @bloom_films

BRIDE'S DRESS: Chosen by One Day@onedaybridal, Bought at Love Marie Bridal Boutique@lovemariebridalboutique

BRIDE’S SHOES: Midas Shoes@midas_shoes

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Mossman Clothing (Pink dress)@mossman and Custom Made (navy Jumpsuit)

BRIDESMAIDS SHOES: They wore their own that they already owned

FLOWERGIRLS/PAGEBOYS: Review for Kids (Girls),@reviewkidsRalph Lauren (Boys)


GROOMSMEN WEAR: Their own suits that they already owned

WEDDING RINGS: Myer (Jock’s). Creations Jewellery in Canberra(Tamara’s Band) @creationsjewellerscanberra

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES: Bride Earrings Brie Leon@brie_leon, Bridesmaids Fairley Jewellery

HAIR: Grace Roby Hair @gracerobyhair

MAKEUP: Nourish Me Beautiful(Haylee Davies) @nourish.me.beautiful

STATIONERY/INVITATIONS/SIGNAGE: Sarah fromThe Sparkk for invitations

FLORIST: Fete De Fleur@fete.de.fleur


WEDDING VENUE: Darook Park for the ceremony and Hazlehurst Art Gallery for the reception@hazelhurstcafeweddings

WEDDING STYLIST: Rychelle Carter – Love Stoned Styling@lovestonedstyling


CELEBRANT: Ben Hampton Weddings @hamptonweddings

ENTERTAINMENT: Baker Boys Band@bakerboysband

CATERING: Mr Goaty Gelato for ice-cream truck@mrgoatygelato,Hazlehurst Art Gallery for reception

CAKE: Gelato truck instead – Mr Goaty Gelato for ice-cream truck@mrgoatygelato



OTHER: Chairs at ceremony – Sweet Little Sunday @sweet.little.sunday

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