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Raisa and David

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Raisa & David Sharp

14 December 2019

92 guests


We met online and our first date was a few days after it, he was so clear that he wasn’t a txt guy, it was either meet and get real or forget it. I was so scared to meet someone that I met online that I decide to take him to a Brazilian festival that was happening at Darling Harbour being perfect as im from Brazil and felt comfortable and this way I could easily scream

( hahah) for help if he was a weird/creepy guy, especially because my English was terrible back then. He always says it was his worst date EVER he thought I hated him as he had to talk all day and could get much out of me. I was so shy + terrible English that couldn’t say a word. Google translate helped us a lot at the start.


David did very well in this one! He never does any romantic surprises, it's not his type so he worked very hard on this one. After the “fail Bali propose " I kind of gave up and truly believe he wouldn’t do it any time soon, which I believe made it easier for him too. Anyway, I always get very emotional at friend’s engagement/weddings with parents' speeches etc and I usually cry as I believe my parents wouldn’t be here for me in such a special moment.

In December 2017, my grandparents were here and my mother and brother also came for Christmas too. David messaged my family and asked to marry me and would do it when they were here, he then planned a whole party ( surprise engagement party by himself.) I still can't believe he did it all haha.

So, his plan was to tell me he would take me out for dinner and to propose me at the party, with everyone in there. But on the night before the party, my family questioned him about when he would propose to me. And my mother wisely suggested him to not do this because I would like to get my nails done and a new dress, looks pretty for such special occasion and I would be upset if I turned up in jeans at my own engagement party. It was already late at night; he didn’t have much time and had a very big/important job on the engagement day, which he had to leave to work 5am. After watching a cute video where a guy ties the ring on his dog’s neck, he decides to do the same but with our cat. You can imagine how hard is to tie a ribbon on cat’s neck, specially at 4.30am and trying to not wake me up. He set up the camera, came to our room and bent on his knee on my side of the bed holding our cat and trying to wake me up. Lights on, after a few try’s he finally woke me up, I was like “what the “hell” is going on?”; the Cat was angry and trying to escape. I was half sleep and he had to ask like 3times before I got up, gave him a hug and lied back again to sleep. Took me like 3min to actually realise what was going on. When I finally got it I jumped off the bed and said “DID YOU JUST PROPOSE TO ME OR WAS I DREAMING?” and he shouts “YES, I DID IT!!”. My first question was “where is my ring??” it was when he passed me the angry cat that bit me and ran away, hiding himself with my ring. You can imagine, us 2 looking for the cat around the house at 5am. We laughed so hard after it. And after that he just said “I got a day off work for you, go spoil yourself, get your nails done and a nice dress that our engagement party is tonight!”


We both got ready at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel and had breakfast with our families.

I made a gift bag for my bridesmaid, which had a pajama embroidery “Bride Squad” and also a nude clutch bag with their earrings and bracelet, emergency kit inside too with nurofen, band aid, hair tie, berocca, hair clip and tissues


Groom suit was a navy jacket was from Cambridge, white shirt and cream pants from Industry. Groomsmen as white shirt and cream pants from Industry, navy suspender and bow tie.


I wore it down as David loves my hair like that, I got inspo photos from Pinterest. Front with braids pulling back and down with waves at the back. I put 2 head pieces on each side and the veil. The make up I wanted something natural, that David would recognise me, it was one of his requests. Natural but still something. My lipstick was from MAC, a little taned.


The dress name is Eloise from Wilderly Bride. I got it from Brides of Sydney, in Miranda. I was looking for something different from every dress I have seen all my friend's wear their dresses was quite similar. I wished for something more simple, boho, definitely not extravagant as it would be on the beach. It had to be a light dress so I could dance and also go to toilet by myself haha. When I walked in the shop and I saw it I felt that I had to try and when I did, I felt in love straight away but I went by myself so I didn’t buy it, I needed a second opinion. When I showed the photos to my bridesmaids they hated it, my grandmother said it looked like a sleeping gown which made me gave up on it. On my search for the dress I came across this dress again and I said to my bridesmaids I had to try again and they had to they see how it looked on my body. When I put it my bridesmaids nearly cried saying it was the one. They said that I was glowing on the dress, the sparkle in my eyes made the dress. So I got it. Best decision ever, David loved the dress as well.


Simple nude shoes from Freelance, which I wore 2x times before to make sure it wouldn’t hurt my feet. I also got a flat embellished sandals to wear late that night.


Walking down the aisle - Bridal party: Higher Love – James Vicent McMorrow | Bride: Pra Sonhar – Marcelo Jeneci

First Dance - Pra Sonhar – Marcelo Jeneci


I always dreamed with a boho style wedding, relaxed. I love the dried-out palms, pampas look etc. I looked a lot on Pinterest and also Lovestoned Styling for my ideas. Luckily she does exactly the style I love.

We had our ceremony on the beach at Watsons Bay, and as part of their packages they supply the chairs, so thankfully when I found Rychelle from Lovetoned, not only could she create and bring my floral dream to life, but she also supplied the arbour, a stunngin blush rug for David and I to stand on plus a bar for our guests to get drinks from and beautiful tasseled umbrellas to keep guests cool being that we got married in December and it was so hot.


I wished for a boho style/look. I worked as a florist and I always love the dried look, the pampas etc. It was sopposed to be whites, peach and burnt oranges colour pallet at first but I had to change the bridesmaids dress and so II changed the colour pallet to white and light pink. Best decision EVER too. It loooked incredible!!

I did my own bouquet and bridesmaids and the rest was my little angel Rychelle, from Lovestoned Styling.

She is the best!!!!!!!!


It was a bit hard, I had to change 3 months before the wedding. I was going to silk, 3 blacks and 3 rose gold from Petal n pup, but when I got it we relised that the silk wasn’t a good idea as it stains very VERY easy, even with just water spot would leave a mark, imagine when the girls sweat. So we end up getting a light pink one from ASOS, one shoulder tuck midi dress.


My celebrant was Robyn Pattison, THE BES. It was beautiful, she went far and beyond on prepping it. It was so personal and touching, all our guest cried and commented on it.


I did it myself. I looked at few online but my advice here is don’t look too much on others vows/speeches, It will just confuse you as it will sound to perfect and it made me feel mine wasn’t good enough. And I felt like it made difficult as all I could think after was the ideas that was online not my own. And I didn’t want to copy so it made so much harder. I wrote what came from the heart and our celebrant then helped us put something together.


Brad L Spencer, he is awesome! We are so happy with how our images turned out. The colour and tone, and the way he just captured every moment and emotion for us is so treasured. I cant recommend him enough, and his turn around time, ladies is just next level.


As for the reception being held at Watsons Bay and being a cocktail wedding, the venue didn't need any styling. Rychelle did her magic by scattering a few vases of florals around the venue, and adding some extra cushions to the lounge area to make sure the colours were carried through the whole evening as the room was very blue, and we had all the ceremony flowers brought over and re used around the bar, and near the speeches area.


The most memorable moment and the best was definitely when I walked down the aisle and saw David. Words can’t say how beautiful and special it was. I cant wait to see the video of it!


That is a good question because makes we reflect on what it means to be married. And to me, marriage is exactly what we do even before the actual party or sign a paper. Marriage is the companionship/partnership, the respect and love we have for each other. We have been living together for nearly 5 years now, been there for each other on the good and bad moment, laugh and cry, hard times and best times. This is marriage, the day by day not just because we signed a paper that says we are from that date.


YOUR CONTACTS: (please include website URL and @ Instagram account)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Brad L Spencer @bradlspencerweddings

VIDEOGRAPHER: Brad L Spencer @bradlspencerweddings

BRIDE'S DRESS: Eloise – Wilderly Bride from @bridesofsydney

BRIDE’S SHOES: Freelance





HAIR: Claudia Oliveira @co.hairmakeup

MAKEUP: Same as above and Juliana @makeup_juchiarotti

FLORIST: Lovestoned styling

WEDDING VENUE: Watsons Bay Hotel @watsonsbayweddings


CELEBRANT: Robyn Pattison


CATERING: Watsons Bay Hotel @watsonsbayweddings

CAKE: La Fine Cakes


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