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Brittany & Chris Taripo




We met at Cargo Bar in 2016! He was working security and I was a little bit intoxicated. I hit on him, and we spoke all night. It wasn’t the right time then but three months later we went out one night and were best friends ever since.

My dad always told me growing up that I would never meet my husband at a night club… well.


It was quite clear from the beginning that we were onto something good. It wasn’t long before we started talking about the future.

My biggest advice to Chris was that I wanted our engagement to suit us. We base all our decisions on being practical, affordable and at the core – us.

I told him if he did something extravagant I would say no haha!

It was a Friday afternoon, I was on my way home from work and he met me at my car, with his car. He said he would meet me at my parents house and he sped off. I thought it was strange that he was in such a rush but didn’t think much of it.

He arrived at my parents house before me, and when I got inside I noticed the foyer door was closed – also strange.

I opened it to see rose petals and candles covering the floor and Chris standing there (I could also hear my mum crying under the staircase).

He got down on one knee and in classic Chris essay-style said “Brit, I think you're great. Will you marry me”


Ceremony Hair:

Tight, neat low bun with a middle part. Probably my favourite part of the whole weekend was the night before the wedding when I sat down with my mother-in-law and family in law with bags and bags and bags of flowers that they had picked from people’s yards (with their permission of course). I sat there and helped them make our head lay and neck lays and whilst we were there I asked my now aunty if she could make something for my hair. She created this incredible piece with white flowers and this gorgeous greenery underneath that she brought over from the cook islands (not sure if illegal? :D ) but it was STUNNING and so so perfect and I still to this day can’t believe how my fave hair piece was totally unplanned and in the moment. It sat to the side of my low bun and complemented the dress and hair so perfectly.

My make up directions was that I wanted my eyes to be defined. I wasn’t fussed on skin or foundation but just that my eyes were to be defined.

Reception Hair:

We took out the bun and hair piece and created a polished wavy looked that would sit nicely with the head lay on top.


Everyone told us that the bride and groom should spend the night before the wedding apart. I kept thinking that I will be so nervous and anxious and the only person I want to be with when I’m feeling that is him. Chris would say ‘We don’t need to do what people THINK we should do, what do you WANT to do?’

So we stayed together in a little cottage the night before, had breakfast together in the morning which including a dip in the freezing pool outside and then he disappeared to the house next door. It was so nice to spend that time with him! Knowing we were getting married that day, it was lovely to spend the morning together and see how excited each other was.

Chris got ready with his family who were all staying at that house.

I got ready in the cottage with my mum and two sister in law’s and my make up artist who was my saving grace (seriously, when is giving hand massages to calm you down and focus on your breathing ever included in hair and make up contract?!)


Marriage to me means becoming a unit. Deciding that this person is your person for life. I choose you and you choose me.


I found dress shopping very overwhelming. Each dress I tried on was beautiful and I could have worn it for my wedding, but nothing was standing out to me.

I went to Brides of Sydney in Miranda and every dress but one was lace. I really thought I was sold on lace, but apparently not!

I tried it on and immediately it was perfect. It was louder yet classier then I had imagined myself in. I wanted something simple, no frills (literally), just sheike.

It had spaghetti straps with a low cut front, tapered my waist and booty and subtly flowed out at the bottom. The low back with the long spaghetti straps and a big beautiful bow at the bottom of my back was so sweet – add the buttons down the middle of the long trail – it really was my perfect dress. It was decided that day – no veil, as it would cover too much of the detail at the back.


So Chris proposed in November 2019, and around July 2019 we went ring shopping. I think you can get the jist that we like to do everything that you're supposed to do apart, together? He gave me a budget, which I turned down because we were looking to purchase a house and I couldn’t bear to spend that much on a ring.

We looked at a few styles and I realised I wanted something simple. White gold band with a cushion cut diamond. That’s it!

It wasn’t until I was shopping with Rychelle that we found the ring! I rang Chris and filled him in and we put our first payment on it that day so he wasn’t even with me when I bought my own ring haha!

The wedding band I thought I wanted plain Jane white gold band but I ended up getting a tiara-like shape of diamonds that would fit snug with the diamond from the engagement ring in the middle. It wasn’t very expensive, but I loved it.

Chris’s rings we bought off ebay (yes we bought a few) – and he lost one on the honeymoon which proved my reasoning from buying off ebay! No one stresses about a $3 ring being lost in the ocean.


Our vibe was ‘Tuscany’, so sticking with the simple and classics were our go-to’s.

Chris bought his suit from Rembrandt and he was thinking he would wear a black suit and white shirt but when he showed me photos of an entirely black outfit I fell in love all over again. He just looked SO good. So there it was, I was in a white dress, and he in an entirely black suit.


We chose Bimbadgen Palemer Lane for our wedding venue. We got out of the car, took one look and were sold.

We wanted somewhere with a lot of space and a great vibe. Palmers Lane was perfect. The ceremony down by the lake, the vineyard to the left and the reception outside under a rooftop of fairy lights.



Best decision I made. We had a chat about the overall style and ‘Tuscan’ theme I was going for. Then I left it all up to her and I was right to do so! Everything was immaculate. I had so many compliments and she just made the day so easy and incredible. It was the one thing I didn’t have to worry about at all.


• Ceremony/Reception Venue - THEME & STYLE

My overall want was it to be clean, effortless and make our guests feel like they were transported overseas. We went for a white base chair ( as the venue provided this, and i wanted the ceremony to be overflowing with florals down the aisle and around Chris and I as we said our vow's. We chose a natural jute coloured rug, as to not take away from the florals being the main focal point. We also added in wooden entry tables at the beginning of the aisle that held more flowers along with fans to keep our guests cook being we got married in December, and baskets of white petals for our guests to shower us in as we walked down the aisle


My parents wanted me to arrive in a nice car (I know nothing about cars) so they found one and booked it in. I wish I could tell you what it was but again, really bad with cars. It was very fitting though!


Walking down the aisle – Weathered by Jack Garratt

Recessional – Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendez (Zedd remix)

First Dance – Flashback by Fat Freddy’s Drop (I recorded and sang my own version acoustically)


My cousin Matt was our celebrant. I have sung at so many weddings, and met some incredible celebrants but I couldn’t bear to have someone who didn’t know us.

Matt is one of the most godly men I know and just all time great human. Once we had run the thought in our heads we couldn’t think of having anyone else.

READINGS | My sister-in-law read a passage of the bible.


Anemotion looked after our wedding and much like Lovestoned we left them to do their thing and it worked out so well! We tried not to be too specific because we knew they were incredible at their job so we wanted them to have full freedom. The photos and video turned out absolutely immaculate. We couldn’t be happier.


Rychelle sat down with Nat from Bridge and co and they created the most simple, yet classic and timeless signage for our welcome sign and than luxed it up for the reception by choosing a smokey black acrylic as the base with white writing of each guests name. Paired on a black easel with florals in the top corner.


We carried the theme all the way through out the reception, yet due to our tables being narrow we had to pair back on the decor a bit. Sticking with the classic green and white and then as I wanted to bring in some touches of black as that was Chris's chosen colour for his suit we had these beautiful clear glass with black rims on them lining down each table with candle pillars in them, and added in black napkins as well. Rychelle lined the middle of the table with olive branches and the most soft chosen of gray white orchids. to jazz up the plates we chose a woven placemat, and then to add a bit of Chris's heritage we gifted everyone a lei, which i made myself.

Oh and because one can never have to many lights to dance under we added 300m extra fairy lights on top of the festoons that were already set up. It was a magical night under a sky full of stars.


I had an idea to give everyone their own lei to wear. It was actually really hard to find with a budget. So I decided to make them! They weren’t amazing, but I did put a lot of work into them so I used them anyway. I bought plain dark green lei’s from ebay and then found wholesale sites that sold fake flowers and I attached them all onto the lei’s. Making 124 was pretty exhausting.


I would definitely say the night before when I was sitting with My new family putting together out flower lei’s and head piece. It was just so sweet and kind and a really nice way to start my life as a Taripo.

Also when we were getting married at the ceremony, holding hands with Chris I remember just looking at him and subtly talking to him every now and then. At times I felt like it was just us there.


We had a sit down dinner. Going to the venue with Chris and having a tasting was the best and most enjoyable day! Bimbadgen had an extensive menu to choose from and a lot of drink options. We got to chose a fair few to serve to the guests which was nice to know they had a choice!


We had a DJ who looked after our ceremony and then reception as well. He was awesome! I chose a specific DJ who would know the music style we wanted! We also had Manea Pacific


We ended up spending a week in Noosa which was really lovely. We thought about a big overseas honeymoon but in true Brit and Chris style we decided that we’d rather spend the money on some new assets and investments. We knew that we’d have the best time together if we just stayed in our new home, so Noosa was incredible.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Anemotion Photography and Videography – Jade @anemotionweddings

VIDEOGRAPHER: Anemotion Photography and Videography - Tarek

BRIDE'S DRESS: Brides of Sydney @bridesofsydney

BRIDE’S SHOES: Windsor Smith @windsorsmith

GROOMS FORMAL WEAR – Rembrandt Macquarie Park @rembrandt1946

WEDDING RINGS: A jeweler at Miranda for brit’s and Ebay for chris! Haha!

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES: Lovisa, my family-in-law for florals

HAIR: Sarah Laidlaw @sarahlaidlaw

MAKEUP: Sarah Laidlaw


FLORIST: Garden Of Eden by Racquel – bouquet. And Lovestoned Styling @garden_of_eden_by_racquel


WEDDING VENUE: Bimbadgen Palmers Lane @bimbadgenpalmerslane


WEDDING PLANNER: Myself and Rychelle

CELEBRANT: Matt Cairns - Cousin

ENTERTAINMENT: DJ Jojo – Style Vine Events and Manea Pacific Cook Island Dancers @jojo_hypehitters_ and @maneapacifica

CATERING: Bimbadgen Palmers Lane

CAKE: Maxibons!


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